Meet the Neutral Air Partner team behind the Scenes

Running an air cargo logistics network is most likely not a smooth journey all the time. There will be setbacks, but one thing that will be certain in those times is the team. Great teams can deal with these situations and are quick to adapt. This is crucial to keep the business running through the rough times and help the organization achieve its goals. Meet our very special NAP people behind the scenes.

Get to know the NAP team, composed of a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and fields of expertise, but all sharing the same “NAP DNA”.


Jelena Babic-Vogas is an experienced logistic professional with demonstrated history of working in the air cargo industry with 15 years of experience in sales and business development in Europe and Middle East.

Jelena tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m currently based in Dubai, the global logistics hub, and I’m responsible for business development in the EMEA region, providing support to existing members and organising industry events within NAP.

Working under extreme pressure in my studies, my main beliefs were working hard, fast and a disciplined way. These beliefs were the key in my academic success, and these have continued to be the key to my industry success as well.

Can you share some non-professional details about yourself?

Outside of the office, I am committed to advocating for children’s rights. I am a passionate traveller, fluent in Serbian, English, Greek languages (and learning Arabic) and I’m always looking to brush up my language skills. I will not be shy to use my skills to ‘recruit’ you to join me for a fitness class or a run.


Boris Bartula comes with over 20 years of experience in graphic and web design, in various industries. At NAP he creates digital products and leads a creative team to connect design, technology & corporate networking solutions. He believes in technology and interaction as the key differentiation that can turn any product or service, from “plan” to meaningful experience.

Boris can you tell us about your career?

Graduating as Graphical Engineer, I was set to be print plant manager, part of a slowing sector. Solving problems is as simple in the print industry as in the digital world. While still a student, I needed to adapt from paper to digital medium, fast. I had to overcome challenges to be specialized in digital products, web design and UI/UX design, tools with which, through research, concept development & design, I help companies build interactive experiences and digital stories.

What are your projects for the future?

“My next project for this summer, is to build a treehouse for two little girls I like to spend most of my time with. A simple children’s treehouse, that holds similar challenges as the ones I face at my work.  All projects start with a blueprint, a plan. If the plan of the end project is correct and clear, then success is inevitable. I’m sure the girls will love their treehouse, which is not meant to be virtual; I am to build it with old wood I found in my father’s garage, from the time I was starting my professional journey.”

How about spare time if there is such a thing nowadays?

“If you do what you like, every day is free time, problems become good challenge exercises, that usually produce something new and tend to change your and other people’s perspective on how products, or tree houses, should look like. However, one should always find extra time for a good run, ski or just hang out with friends and family, with guitars and a nice bottle of wine.  Lately I enjoy travels, meeting people and understanding the challenges they face in logistics, as for sure something good will come out of it, but let us finish that treehouse first :)”


Jerry Qian is NAP’s APAC BDM and Network Quality Assurance Manager. He works with the team in developing the business in the world’s air freight hot spot; Asia Pacific, and assisting members with registration, account profiles, and the NAP web platform, working seamlessly with the tech staff to provide optimal user experience to each of our members.

Jerry can you share about your working experience in China and the U.S? 

 On the career side, I’ve had nearly a decade of working experience in China and the U.S working closely with the Overseas and Import & Export coordination teams in global freight forwarding companies. In 2008, I was picked for a 2-year exchange trainee program in New York to learn US air freight handling, USCBP rules, US company culture and communications with US clients. Reaping the benefits of this experience abroad, enabled me to be an excellent communicator, supporting partners and members from different culture backgrounds. I wish to work with NAP partners to make business better and things easier.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy various forms of art, especially the classical music and photography. My family, friends and I are also keen on social activities and I’m very proud that I am a long term donator for the UNHCR and very happy that my little contribution can bring positive change to many people suffering from civil war and hunger in the world. In 2016 I joined an NGO project protecting Kiribati (a small Pacific island country) from sea level rising, by mangrove forest planting. As a Shanghainese in an ever-changing city, I feel responsible to preserve and ensure that the Shanghai dialect & culture carries on among generations, I’m now doing my part being a volunteer in the city’s culture preserving group.


Johanna Cachapero Barja is NAP’s event marketing specialist. Johanna is Filipino and part of a huge family with 8 siblings and being the 4th child. She was born and raised in Manila the year 1984, so one can say she’s part of the Generation X. “Rise up with me who can relate and never missed to watch Power Rangers. My childhood was full of outdoor activities enjoying the sun ray and the light of the moon.” Johanna said.

Johanna can you share a bit of your younger years and studies?

My mother strived for her children’s education and my father introduced me to extracurricular activities like singing and playing instruments, both contributing to who I am today.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree, Major in Marketing at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines though it was not my first choice, as I wanted to be in theater, but gave it my all and managed to complete the course.

What was the career path that led you to NAP?

I landed my first job in 2007 in an International Non-Government Organization, being part of the Admin, assisting different nationalities. Leaving after 7 years, this experience taught me to always keep detailed documentation, work in a multicultural environment, and enhanced my communication skills.

Come 2015, I never thought that two specializations could happen in one place. At NAP I am the Event Sales Coordinator for different Regional Freight Networking Events. This gives me the opportunity to learn the industry, contributing the acquired knowledge in Marketing, with confidence to communicate with our worldwide partners. All things work together for good.


Rafael Navarrete was born and raised in Mexico. He is the BDM Latin America, and is responsible for providing support and assistance to Latin America members and Spanish speaking countries with the goal of growing their business through NAP.

Rafael tell us more about your education and travels

I completed an International Relations Bachelor in Mexico and International Cooperation Master’s degree in Spain. To this day, I have more than 8 years of professional experience in 3 different countries.  Proud of my Mexican roots, and as an adventurous food lover, I follow my Latin instinct to love life and always find reasons to laugh.  After traveling around 25 countries as a backpacker, I found the key to life, pleasure, and sea: The Greek Dream. After five years, Greece has become my new home.

And what do you think are your best attributes?

I’m persistent, bold and always smiling. Daily, I apply these traits as well as my strong background in customer relation management to tackle any challenge that might appear. What inspires me? Each interaction matters. I’ve realized that each person you might meet, call, email or interact with, is a possible relationship in the future.  Just the same with the air cargo logistics industry, many good businesses and important relationships can start from the most basic interaction.”


Nikos Sachinis is the “money keeper “of the organization.

Nikos what is your responsibility at Neutral Air Partner?

I’m working together with our team in payables and receivables, as well as assisting all our clients in various financial and accounting topics, regarding invoicing, reporting and subscriber’s payments.

Tell us a bit about yourself

 I am a graduate of Leontios’ High School (Greek-French school) and a graduate of Athens School of Economics and Business Administration.During the last 28 years, I was occupied in positions of high responsibility, in important multinational and Greek companies in Greece and abroad (China, Venezuela). Before joining in, I was working for an International Shipping Company of UAE in China and Venezuela in a multicultural environment. I have always achieved set targets and have been a key player and hard team worker on all projects. Before my international adventure, I worked for several years in the Credit Risk and Control area in an international Mobile Telecommunication Company and other companies in Greece contributing to exceptional results.

 My academic background, foreign languages, computer knowledge and several years of working experience among several multicultural environments along with my energy and tenacity, allows me to offer significantly in any working and life situation. I love travelling, watching movies, listening to music, and shooting with my camera.


Muriel Zographos is NAP’s Specialty Products & Communications Manager.

Muriel tell us some unknown facts about you

I’m half Greek, half Belgian, living most of my life in Greece, with a 3-year stay in Paris, an American college education and a love for British humor and Italian food. I have two amazing adult children, Leo and Ariadne, a great partner in crime, a dog, and a cat. I’m happy, optimistic, sunshine loving and grateful. I love traveling, nature, the sea, the mountains, skiing, wellness, and music.

How about your education and career?

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Business Administration with a degree in Marketing Management, a passion for learning and a curiosity about how things work, that led me to pursue different professional paths in the broad lands of marketing, multinational advertising and media, the healthcare and wellness industry, the travel and hospitality field, and lastly the wonderful world of specialty products and air cargo logistics networking.

I used to own a  small hotel, a small advertising agency, I have received an award as a Corporate Social Responsibility manager, I was an events planner, a wellness retreat organizer and a certified yoga teacher, and that explains how I tackle everything with a calm and easy-going attitude.

I admire hard sciences but have people’s skills, I believe in the art of reason and logic, and follow common sense and business judgment. I think I’m an excellent listener and communicator. They told me I write well, so I’m also “communicating, “writing” and “socializing” for Neutral Air Partner.


Christos Spyrou comes with experience from 4 continents, 8 nations and 30 years within the global air cargo logistics industry. During his professional journey, he has been exposed to many different markets and cultures of conducting airfreight business. Having risen by a family from the air cargo industry, he has a passion for the world of airfreight, logistics and its people.

Christos, tell us about your vision.

Since the word logistics became trendy, the industry has lost its identity as far as airfreight specialization and sector expertise. Anyone who wants to expand their global reach within the transport industry today, joins a logistics network, but often many of these are not as useful as they could be, on account of their very general approach. In addition, the members’ industry experience, business specialization, and financial situation is not always assessed either.

The airfreight segment needed an innovative global platform of advanced air cargo experts and vendors to the trade. It needed collaborative tools and innovative IT solutions together with the right mechanisms for financial protection. Our ambition is to become the world’s most powerful grouping of leading and independent air cargo architects and aviation specialists, to accommodate the future needs of the air cargo professionals, and of those general freight & logistics providers who are aiming to take their air cargo business to the next level, and that is how the NAP project was born.

How about your personal life? What do you do outside of managing NAP?

I’m a father of 2 girls, Ines (5) and Mia (2) and I’m married to Nina, a French lady which I met during an air cargo logistics conference. After spending more than 10 years in Shanghai China, the Spyrou family are now happily settled in the Athenian Riviera in Greece.

I am passioned about travel and sports, and particularly my favorite football & basketball team (AEK Athens), and I am always looking for a Greek island or tropical beach destination (or a beach bar) to escape. On my daily free time, I enjoy cooking various ethnic cuisines, playing with my daughters, and watching passionately movies.