Wings onboard still offering an emergency response solution during Covid-19 crisis

Forwarders do recognize the vital role of onboard courier services in time sensitive logistics. Suppliers and manufacturers are located in different corners of the world and need to avoid serious risk implication of the supply chain and production lines.

In the Covid-19 crisis we are facing right now, Wings is still able to offer the forwarders an emergency response solution as long as there are no restrictions imposed by countries around the world.

“The automotive industry is a good example of down-time costs. Average non-production costs are estimated at $ 22.000 per minute or $ 1.3 million per hour. With such high costs at stake, keeping production machinery operating smoothly is critical to a factory’s bottom line.

For medical centers and hospitals specialized in stem cell research it is vital that stem cells are carried at the right time and in excellent conditions. Based on results of these tests the appropriate treatment can be applied.

Each on board courier solution is unique, every part of the transport from pick-up to final delivery has been created individually to meet customer demand, time lines and budget. A breakdown of a supply chain or production line is always unexpected and could emergence at any given time during day or night.

Wings provides a worldwide onboard courier network and our 24/7 OBC team is committed to deliver high priority consignments in the fastest and safest way.

Any Onboard Courier request will be answered in 15 to max 30 minutes and one of our 3000 highly qualified couriers is already on standby, awaiting your final decision. Just minutes after your confirmation our courier is on the way to the pick-up address.

In principle we accept carry-on baggage or checked in and excess baggage, including DGR and temperature controlled as per airlines guidelines.

We invested in a state of art IT system in order to facilitate track and trace options.

All smartphones of our couriers are equipped with an in-house developed APP allowing them to communicate 24/7/365 with our Control Tower.  Our courier, who takes care of your consignment, can share his location and each milestone from pick up to final delivery. Additionally, on request each courier takes pictures of the contents and the documents which are being carried.”