Venus International transport gets Emission Mitigation Certificate from Lufthansa group

Venus International transport becomes the first company in Africa and Middle east to sponsor a whole trip from CAI to FRA with sustainable fuel ISO of Fossil one.

Letter of Certification:

“In implementation of the recommendation of the climate conference Cop27 Egypt 2022 and Egypt Vision 2030, Lufthansa Group and Compensaid hereby guarantee the purchase of 13,504 Kg of Sustainable Aviation Fuel on behalf of Venus International Transport as First and only freight forwarder in Africa. 

Resulting in an emission mitigation of at least 40,366 Kg CO2e* in comparison to conventional (fossil) jet fuel based on a well – to – wheel assessment. 

This fuel has not been derived from Palm Oil or Palm Fatty Acid Distillates and the resulting mitigation is exclusively allocated to the aforementioned company. The fuel manufacturer is certified according to ISCC EU and complies with the requirements of the RED and the certification system ISCC EU which is approved by the European Commission.”

Photo from Left

Mr. Antonio Tassone – Director North and Northeast Africa

Mrs. Samia El Said -Chairman of Venus International

Mr. Ahmed Fouad – Vice Chairman of Venus International