Uni Logistics (China) selected by the Ministry of Transport of China as vaccine cold-chain transport provider

COVID-19 hit the world with unprecedented impact. COVID-19 vaccines, when developed and deployed in some countries including China, will be made a global public product.

China was first hit by Covid-19. With tight control, the disease is basically under containment. China’s vaccine will contribute domestically and to some other countries to ensure its accessibility and affordability.

Till Jan 09, 2021, more than 9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered across China, and the safety and efficacy of the vaccines have been proved.

UNI Logistics is proud to be selected and recommended by MOC (Ministry of Transport) of China as one of the designated Vaccine Cold-Chain transportation service provider in China.

More than just providing a transportation solution for Vaccine, we had successfully provided transportation insurance for vaccine buyers.

With the expertise in Vaccine cold chain management, we became a leading company in China who already provided billion dollars of Vaccine transportation insurance in China for Sinovac & Sinopharm.

UNI Logistics offers a comprehensive solution for vaccine including procurement, transportation, insurance and other related services.

Insurance —“Guardian” of COVID-19 vaccines Transportation                                                      

  •  50% cheaper than International Average Insurance Premium
  •  Customized Vaccine Transportation Insurance Solution
  •  Underwriting Capacity to Cargo of $100 million+ US dollars
  •  Super Low Deductible
  •  Possible to Waive Airlines/Freight Forwarder liability
  •  Applicable for All Types of Vaccine Transportation
  •  One-Stop Online Insurance Platform
  •  English Customer Service 7/24
  •  Insurer:  Top insurers include PICC and others
  •  Reinsurance solution