To navigate a storm you need a clear plan.

While staying safe and healthy is the main focus in the moment, it’s crucial to plan for the future of your business, and be fully prepared for what will come next. In the midst of uncertainty and demand drop across all key economies, we need to develop a clear, actionable thought plan that helps business embrace the Covid-19 disruption in the airfreight economy.  Here are 5 navigation tools.

Covid-19 is disrupting communication, staffing, travel and supply chains. Keep following federal rules. Keep your workplace clean and disinfected and at recommended distance. This will give teams a feeling of a safe environment.  Find alternative work arrangements, apply working remotely when possible and avoid social contact as much as possible.

When it comes to protecting your employees and your business, communication is key. Check federal and local news for details about the Covid-19 spread and general and airfreight regulations. Know the situation and where the industry and your business stand. Filling in associates about policies, helps reduce panic. The more your employees and customers know, the better.

The coronavirus is making a huge dent in the business world and economy. Governments pass legislations to help businesses and individuals impacted by Covid-19. Take all the available federal measures that will keep your business afloat. Temporarily adjust staff and operational costs during shutdowns and economic knock-on effects.

At the macro level, successful companies mirror biology and evolve: “Those who survive are not the strongest or the most intelligent, but the most adaptable to change”.  When you’re navigating uncharted waters, cutting budgets and making changes, success means stay attuned to customer and partners’ situation and continue to invest in your teams. Listen to your customers, prepare for the effects, manage the risks.

Incorporate learning as you go through this time. Ask how this will affect the future of your business and make adjustments. As with any downturn, there are opportunities for creativity and change. Recessions create new problems that can turn into business opportunities. Stay vigilant in seeking out options that might pay off when things return to normal. The future will bring a new normal that no one can predict today.