TIACA welcomes NAP members

Following Neutral Air Partner’s strategic partnership with TIACA and Christos Spyrou’s appointment to the board, we are pleased to announce the integration of all NAP partners as corporate members of TIACA coming into effect by SEP 1st and onwards.

Since NAP was launched, our main objective has been to consolidate the air cargo logistics community and to set new standards of excellence for our members. Collaboration and partnerships were and should be part of our DNA. This partnership with TIACA allows all our members to play an active role and take up with the challenges and opportunities the air cargo industry is facing today and tomorrow.

NAP in the board of TIACA represents the independent SME air cargo logistics firms that do not have the opportunity to be around regulators and associations of our industry.

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) launched in the early 90s, and is the only organization representing all segments of the air cargo supply chain including airports, all-cargo airlines, forwarders, GSSAs, handlers, suppliers to the industry and educational institutions. TIACA is a non-for-profit association that supports, informs, and connects companies and organizations of all sizes with the aim of developing an efficient, modern, and unified air cargo industry worldwide.

TIACA wants to unite and represent every element of the global air cargo logistics sector, and is committed to representing and advocating the interests of the air cargo community at meetings of relevant regulatory bodies including the IATA, WCO, ICAO, UNCTAD, OECD etc. More info on TIACA please visit www.tiaca.org or download TIACA PPT.

NAP is already taking an active role, being represented both at the TIACA transformation taskforce and at the new joint taskforce with Pharma.Aero, to prepare air cargo industry for the Covid 19 Vaccine. Read more .

The benefits for NAP and its members from this partnership are the following:
• Full TIACA corporate membership.
• Industry recognition of excellence.
• TIACA membership certificate for NAP members.
• Compliance and Accreditation status towards your clients and partners.
• Global reach to a network of 300 + TIACA members including Airlines, GSSAs, Handlers, Charter operators, ACMIs and service providers to the industry.
• Access to Key airline contacts to conduct BSAs, global agreements, and VID programs.
• Entrance to exhibitions (Air Cargo Forum etc.) and conferences at reduced rates.
• Benefits from trainings and workshops, and access to TIACA programs such as sustainability or young potential exchange program.
• Opportunity to join, contribute, and benefit from TIACA industry initiatives, such as “Sunrays” to prepare the industry for the COVID-19 vaccines delivery challenge.
• Sustainability & Economics4Cargo Webinars
• Direct board membership for NAP to participate on the agenda and priorities of TIACA
• Improved access to regulators and other organizations such as WCO, ICAO, IATA, FIATA..
• Joint conferences, workshops, and industry initiatives.
• Extended media coverage and branding exposure for NAP and its members.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team for any further info you might require.