TIACA partners with NAP aiming to unite the air cargo industry

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) is changing its strategy to reach out to the entire air cargo chain to represent and unite the industry.

The first step involves restructuring its membership fee with separate categories for small, medium and start-up companies allowing them to become full members at a reduced rate.

TIACA is also working on initiatives in new sectors such as drones, autonomous vehicles and unmanned aerial systems who are creating new opportunities for the air cargo industry.

The association intends to facilitate interest in these companies for greater reach and support them towards authorities and governments.

In a move to increase focus on stakeholders not formally part of TIACA, an agreement has been signed with Neutral Air Partner.

As part of the deal, NAP members will automatically become full members of TIACA, allowing TIACA and NAP to work together on programmes, conferences, training and communication.

Steven Polmans, chairman of TIACA says: “Collaboration and partnerships are and should be part of our DNA, so this deal with NAP is a very good example of a win-win situation for both our organisations. We have not done enough in the past for a big group of companies in our industry, so with this deal and the new membership opportunity for small and medium sized companies, we are reaching out to them to join forces and further build this very interesting and fascinating industry.”

Christos Spyrou, CEO of NAP, who will join the TIACA board on 1 January adds: “TIACA’s commitment to innovate the industry and to modernise the process of air cargo transportation is impressive. We are confident that working together with partners like these will drive direct value to our global customer base, and our members will acquire extensive knowledge and industry-leading expertise.”