TIACA interviews Christos Spyrou

TIACA interviewed one of the newest members of its board of directors, Christos Spyrou, CEO, Neutral Air Partner to find out what drives him, what are the expectations of TIACA’s Board of Directors, how he sees himself supporting TIACA’s objectives and what made him join TIACA and ultimately the Board.

Q.01 – What drives you as the CEO of Neutral Air Partner? 

Since the word logistics became trendy, our sector has lost its identity, as far as specialization and industry expertise concerns . At NAP we aim to inject a greater degree of advanced air cargo expertise into the logistics industry, revive specialization, and to drive buying power across the air cargo supply chain. My drive as a CEO is to constantly design global innovative airfreight products and services, explore airfreight growth and opportunities in emerging markets, as well as to develop advanced air cargo community tools for our partners and clients.

Q.02 – As a new Board member what are your expectations?  

I look forward to engage and collaborate with innovators & pioneers from different sectors of the air cargo industry and to assist TIACA with my different type of air cargo logistics knowledge and expertise to modernize the air cargo logistics industry. 

Q.03 – How do you see yourself supporting the objectives of TIACA?  

My objective is to represent the SME freight forwarding agents, consolidators, GSAs & brokers within the association, and to become their voice in the many challenges our industry is facing. I will also assist in making TIACA’s profile more forwarder friendly, and to attract new members from that sector. I am confident that working together with fellow board members we can drive direct value to the community. Those new members which will decide to join and take an active role with in TIACA, will make an important step towards the  future, and will acquire extensive knowledge and industry-leading expertise .

Q.04 – What made you decide to get involved with TIACA originally and ultimately to join the Board of Directors? 

The SME air cargo logistics and forwarding community had always have limited representation in associations and regulators of our industry.TIACA is now making significant changes in its approach to reach out to all stakeholders in the air cargo value chain, and I felt that this was the right timing for me and Neutral Air Partners to get actively involved and support TIACA on its efforts to innovate the industry and to modernize the process of air cargo transportation.