The Power of Many : a new collaborative approach between airlines and SME forwarders & consolidators.

During the TIACA Executive Summit 2023 that was hosted by Brussels Airport in Brussels, November 6-8, Christos Spyrou, NAP founder and CEO presented NAP’ unique collaborative approach between airlines and SME forwarders & consolidators.

SME Forwarders and Consolidators represent over 45% of the global air freight business volumes, and the post Covid-19 era present a great opportunity for carriers to attract new global clients.

Whilst Airlines have global key account programs for global forwarders, pursuing a global Partnership Program with a group of local and independent SME forwarders and consolidators will be of value for airlines and a win-win collaboration.

NAP’s members show great performance and right now we are in the top 5 IATA categories in three regions of North Asia / Indian Sub-Continent and Africa & Middle East

  • In South-East Asia, we are in the Top 10 category and in Europe and America in the Top 50 category.
  • In the Automotive and Aerospace sector, we are in the Top 20.

NAP members generate over 100 M $ and 20 M kilos with each of the top 10 carriers.

NAP Airline Partnership Program offers:

Local Strength – Global Reach

400+ Air Cargo Partners in 150 countries


to make short- or long-term commitments with carriers.

Members’ Compliance & Knowhow

to meet the changing air cargo market needs, including Digital Transformation and various requirements as dictated by various Regulatory Authorities Worldwide.

The Benefits NAP offers for Airlines:

Diversify their customer base: Airlines may expand into new areas and reach more customers, minimizing consumer reliance.

Collaborate with leading local heroes: By partnering with these key players, airlines can leverage local expertise, infrastructure, and networks.

Identify High-Yield cargoes: Airlines can optimize their cargo mix and tailor their services to meet the specific demands of the market, maximizing revenue potential.

Sign short and long term BSA/CPA agreements: Airlines are flexible to manage capacity based on seasonal demands, market trends, and operational needs.

Sell last minute capacity: It’s a win-win for both Airlines looking to fill capacity and Shippers seeking immediate solutions.

Enter new Shipper Business: Airlines can enter underdeveloped markets to grow their client base and services, boosting growth and market presence.

NAP offers five airline cooperation opportunities:

Preferred Carrier Designation, allowing all our members in the locations served by the airline partner to contribute to the agreement from their home markets.

Global or Regional Block Space Agreements or Capacity Purchase Agreements.

Target and Volume incentives on a regional or global basis

Charter, Time Critical, and Special Cargo Support

Collaboration in marketing, public relations, and communications.

NAP is in discussions with several cargo airlines to join our Global Airline Partnership Program strategic airline partners Turkish Cargo, IAG Cargo, Astral Aviation Ltd, Coyne Airways Imperial Cargo Airlines – ICAL.