The Mykonos Effect – OPENAP 2019

The Neutral Air Partner 2019 conference, OPENAP, took place in beautiful Mykonos where over 180 delegates and visitors gathered for their annual get-together. The thrust of the event was not only networking and face-to-face meetings, but serious discussions about new facilities and products available for members to streamline their businesses.

After an update on the network’s development and its new products and tools, and a brief introduction to the 4th OPENAP conference, by CEO and founder, Christos Spyrou, delegates enjoyed brief but precise and useful presentations by service providers and vendors.


  • NAC Digital Airfreight Consolidation Platform – NAP’s new B2B neutral wholesale consolidation portal powered by Hashmove and with over 50 neutral wholesalers, consolidators and master co-loaders.
  • NAX Neutral Air Express Portal – an express and courier wholesale rate platform.
  • Cargo Claims – an IATA awarded claims platform for forwarders, airlines and shippers.
  • PayCargo – the world’s leading online payment platform for the shipping and cargo industry.

These were followed by:

  • AirCargoXL – an advanced airfreight rate and consolidation management engine.
  • CargoWise One – partnership and new products update-technical trends in logistics.
  • OceanX – a presentation of a strategic partnership network.
  • Aero Africa – a neutral air cargo broker dedicated to providing African logistic solutions and value-added services to the international logistics and aviation community.


All delegates joined in the lively discussions on vital topics including:

  • Air cargo digitalization – Is the industry ready to digitize effective air cargo sales? Is technology a disruptor or an enabler for the traditional cargo agent?
  • Time critical logistics – A new trend? or a highly specialized area of logistics that not every cargo agent or carrier can handle?
  • Virtual airlines and brokerage – Introducing a neutral AWB of choice for NAP members. What is a virtual airline? What are the benefits of airline brokerage and how does it work?

The entire meeting was conducted in an atmosphere of friendly cooperation, with many new business partnerships being formed and old ones strengthened.

Air Cargo 2019 Award Winners

For the first time NAP presented performance awards for different activities and regions which turned out to be a popular event, highlighting the excellence of different members and voted for by their colleagues. The winners were:

  • Best Performing Partner Americas – Pluscargo
  • Best Performing Partner Europe – N.F.S. Airfreight
  • Best Performing Partner Middle East & Indian Sub-continent – Motion Supply Chain
  • Best Performing Partner Asia Pacific – Globelink China Group
  • Best Performing Partner Africa – Aero Africa
  • Best Performing Partner NAC Neutral Airfreight Wholesale – N.F.S. Airfreight
  • Best Performing Partner NAX 24-7 Time Critical Logistics – Priority Freight Europe
  • Best Performing Partner NAV Air Cargo Industry Services Provider – HAE Group
  • Best Performing Partner Worldwide – Pluscargo

Christos Spyrou, CEO and founder of NAP, shares:

“Neutral Air Partner offers its members a new kind of networking experience by providing a unique platform for exchanging ideas, views and solutions to many of the challenges in today’s air cargo industry. OPENAP is a perfect opportunity to announce and launch new products and services and to interact with partners and vendors and also to acquire extensive hands on knowledge from the industry’s experts. This year we have given the opportunity to our members to vote for their choice for outstanding performance in different sectors and regions. We continued our successful network presence at ACE in Munich As one participant commented, “NAP is like one big family”, which is exactly our ambition”