Rudee Bertie

Rudee Bertie is a specialist in the customs and import/export industry. He has spent his entire career within this sector, founding Customs Clearance Ltd (CCL) in 1999 and spearheading the company through 23 years of development, expansion and innovation. Under Rudee’s leadership, CCL has earned a global reputation for service excellence, flexibility, responsiveness and expertise.

Following an acquisition process negotiated by Rudee in 2014, CCL is today part of the prestigious global Lenton Group (DPDGroup).

Having stepped down as CEO of CCL in May 2022, Rudee retains the position of non-Executive Director.  He has established himself as a specialist Consultant and non-Executive Director within the wider logistics industry.

Personal and Commercial Methodology

Rudee is a communicator, a strategic thinker and problem-solver, an acknowledged innovator and expert. He is available to assist logistics businesses to think creatively and plan rigorously. He advises and mentors on a wide range of issues facing business leaders, including growth strategy, change management, the competitive landscape, and optimal approaches to import/export challenges.

Rudee has developed an extensive network of contacts and trusted business associates over his years in the industry. A frequent presence at global industry conferences, Rudee is also a regular workshop leader, keynote and topic speaker.

The Evolution of Customs Clearance Ltd (Start-up to Grown-up)

Rudee founded CCL with business partner Brian Kelly in 1999, based on the conviction that there was a better way of transacting border clearance. CCL came into existence in a single room with two desks, a computer, a phone, a fax machine and a day-book. Steady business growth resulted in relocation to Isleworth and acquisition of 1,200 sq ft of warehousing in 2007, followed by the addition of a mezzanine level and second warehouse Isleworth in 2012. This brought overall storage and handling capacity to 3,500 sq ft. In 2015, continued healthy business expansion triggered relocation to Radius Park, Feltham. With 18,000 sq ft of warehousing and a sizable yard, CCL was now able to service even the most substantial eCommerce clients and delivery services.

Putting Technology Front and Centre (Solutions for Brexit and Beyond)

Rudee recognised many years ago that the future for logistics lies in technology. He set out a strategy for CCL, to develop a solid digital foundation, comprising an enterprise-wide software platform and App-based solutions. The goal was not just to service CCL’s client base, but to extend the company’s reach through software licencing, enabling other logistics companies across the world to benefit from CCL’s expertise and generating incremental revenue streams.

Integration into Lenton Group (DPDGroup) (All Part of the Plan)

Regular strategic review, foresight and the ability to remain agile and responsive to global market changes has meant that CCL continues to remain at the forefront of the industry, with a significant differentiator being its industry-leading approach to technology. With a healthy track record and a unique offering, the business was ‘attractive’.