TCS Worldwide offers new service

February 2022 marked the celebration of the first anniversary of TCS Worldwide. Started as a time-critical service provider, offering onboard courier services, the company has expanded their expertise with dedicated drives (incl. aircraft engines) intra-Europe and performed their first cargo charter last week. Sander van Woesik, MD of TCS says: “The supply chain has been impacted by global turbulence in a variety of ways over the last year. The automotive industry has faced serious production issues as a result of a shortage of semiconductors and microchips. Just in time deliveries were and continue to be crucial in order to avoid serious risks affecting the entire supply and production chain.

Our company is able to immediately anticipate to changes in market demands. Where an onboard courier service or a dedicated drive are not suitable for a specific request, we can provide a charter solution. Last week, we successfully performed a B777F charter from Europe to Mid Americas for one of our customers.”

About TCS

TCS primarily provides a worldwide onboard courier network, from any pick-up location to any delivery address in the world. Intra-Europe we can also offer tailormade direct drives from small to large shipments, without transshipment and detours. Moreover, today’s dynamic global markets demand a logistics partner like TCS that quickly responds with reliable and competitive charter solutions. TCS is a neutral provider, offering time-critical solutions to freight forwarders only.