Strategic Partnership with Humanitarian Logistics Association

We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Humanitarian Logistics Association as one of HLA’s first corporate members. Neutral Air Partners are committed to providing effective time critical air cargo solutions for the humanitarian aid sector and will support the association as a global air cargo services supplier.

HLA is a membership association for humanitarian logistics professionals who respond to take relief to and create infrastructure for those affected by global emergencies. Our mission is to set standards, provide training and encourage collaboration for humanitarian logisticians to ensure a more efficient response.

Humanitarian aid is material or logistical assistance provided for humanitarian purposes, typically in response to humanitarian crises including natural disaster and man-made disaster. The primary objective of humanitarian aid is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity. It may, therefore, be distinguished from development aid, which seeks to address the underlying socioeconomic factors which may have led to a crisis or emergency.

“We are honoured and delighted to partner with HLA and we look forward to making a difference to disaster by providing time-critical air cargo solutions and value-added services to the humanitarian supply chain. Our partners have an extensive knowledge and experience of shipping all type of cargo by air to those hard-to-reach destinations, whether it is a full charter, express, airfreight consolidation, onboard courier, or a final mile on-site delivery.”

George Fenton, Chief Executive of HLA commented:

“We were impressed with Neutral Air Partner’s commitment to the humanitarian aid sector and hope that working with them will help share knowledge on improving air cargo effectiveness.”

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