SBY Express. A new business channel to handle “online business” demand

NAP member Sabay Logistics Express warehouse – SBY Express – is working very hard these days, reaching 2000 packs/day export shipments from Turkey to UAE and Saudi Arabia

Logistics business modes are switching rapidly to the new concepts of business in terms of new trading rules.

At Sabay Logistics, presuming that 40% of world trade volume will be headed towards “online business” within next 10 years, we have decided to update our scopes and add a new business channel to our company.

SBY Express was created in SABAY  Group in 2017. We obtained Courier licence from Turkish Government first. Then, we established our IT system, created our warehouse according to express & courier shipment needs. We are new in the market but growing fast. Right now we have around 5000 online shops packs handled on daily basis in our warehouse and organizing flights from Istanbul to Middle Eastern destinations.”