Sanjeev Gadhia, founder & CEO of Astral Aviation Ltd was featured by CCN

Cargo has played key role in supporting African aviation during the pandemic, notes CNN, highlighting the importance of air cargo in underpinning the African commercial aviation industry during the Covid-19 pandemic. Air cargo formed a “lifeline” for African aviation, CNN reported.

The African airport which handled the largest amount of cargo last year was Nairobi’s JKIA, in Kenya. And the continent’s number one dedicated air cargo operator, Astral Aviation, is also Kenyan and based at JKIA. “We have very big plans for expansion in Africa,” said Astral Aviation CEO and founder Sanjeev Gadhia. “The first thing that we are planning to do is to increase our fleet from 14 to 20 aircrafts. In addition to that, we are setting up a hub in West Africa and we’re setting up a hub in Southern Africa.”

Sanjeev has shown great leadership in linking Africa to the world through Astral’s dedicated freighter fleet.