Relocating Bella the American Bully to Her New Home in Chicago

At Spedition, the company understands the importance of pets as family members and is committed to providing exceptional service to ensure their well-being during relocations. The team of experts is dedicated to overcoming challenges and finding solutions to make the process as stress-free as possible for both pets and their owners.

In a recent heartwarming story, Spedition successfully relocated a beloved pet named Bella, an American Bully, to her new home in Chicago with her family. However, due to Bella’s breed and specific airline requirements, the team faced several challenges. American Bullies are restricted by many airlines, and only a few allow them to travel on passenger aircraft. Additionally, strict cage requirements must be met.

Despite the family’s flight tickets already being booked, Spedition’s team worked tirelessly to secure a booking with a carrier that accepted Bella within the given time frame and met all the necessary requirements. The dedicated team also ensured that all import and export permits and vaccination records were properly prepared, ensuring Bella’s safe and smooth journey.

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