QCargo 5 mins survey

In an increasingly complex world, with pressures coming from customers, regulators, society, and other stakeholders, picking the right and quality partners is a business differentiator.

 Any company offering air freight-related services and conforming to the according licenses and legal requirements is eligible for applying to respective regulators, associations, and accreditation bodies and is obliged to follow a set of government-approved resolutions that establish the rights and duties of all, agents, customs authorities, and airlines.

Accreditation bodies in the air cargo industry are now introducing gradually more commodity-related standards, aiming to improve time-critical and sensitive goods handling, by entrenching reliability and safety across the supply chain.

Verifying service providers is resource-heavy and costly. As it is to demonstrate your business credentials to your clients and partners.

As part of NAP’s mission to provide great value to its members and the air cargo industry overall, together with our strategic partner Change Horizon,we are developing a quality verification tool to assist our members to meet various international accreditation standards, that prove excellence, exhibit prestige, and enhance recognition in the industry.

 With this 5 mins survey, we need to understand what it takes to become a recognized partner, and how much effort and struggle it is for your company to verify business credentials of a service provider, including:

  • TIME and FINANCIAL RESOURCES associated with verifying service providers and getting verified by your business partners you serve.
  • CHALLENGES of differentiating your company with business qualifications, type of services, recognized licenses, policies, accreditations, and certifications, to name just a few.

Your feedback will help us to build a tool providing reputation gain, and time and costs savings through efficient compliance approval, easier access to new business opportunities, enhanced market visibility and a boost in company recognition & credibility for its customers and end users. More information about the QCargo solution can be found at www.qcargo.net.

 Complete the survey https://qcargo.net/survey/