Pharmaceutical logistics solution by QUANTERM – Air freight

Quanterm Logistics, the total logistics partner based in Malaysia, recently has completed a few shipments related to Pharmaceutical commodities by theit Air Freight Team.

The team has handled the Door to Port Logistics for the local companies to send their COVID 19 Speed-Antigen Test Kits (with nasal swab) in palletized cargo from Kuala Lumpur to Brussel, Milan, Paris and around 2,000 loose cartons of Nitrile Examination Gloves to Vancouver, Canada.

Particularly regarding the test kits, Quanterm team has provided special handlings, starting from comprehensive planning on the suitable trucks and flights, temperature-controlled steps to the full process flow to ensure the cargos are in good condition all the time during the handling. The team transited the shipments to the destinations within 2 days.

To complete the glove shipment project efficiently, Quanterm had to ensure sufficient manpower to unload the cartons from the truck and submit them to the terminal. The team also checked on all the cartons’ conditions and re-packed them in case of not good condition, to prevent further damage during transit.