Pharma Logistics Masterclass Dallas, 29 Sept- 3 Oct

The 2024 Pharma Logistics Masterclass Committee has just announced the 4-day Pharma Logistics Masterclass that will cover the current critical aspects of pharma logistics.

This is a wonderful opportunity for seasoned professionals in the business to gain more in-depth knowledge, as well as for academics and PhD students who would like to gain advanced insight into how pharmaceutical supply chains are organised and what scientific methods can be applied to optimise logistics processes for the pharma and life sciences sector.

During and in between the sessions, there will be many networking opportunities. Browse through the Full Program

Key topics will include:

  • Global life sciences: mapping global market dynamics
  • Sustainable syncromodality: evolution, efficiency, and efficacy in life science product deliveries
  • Balancing act: regulator-patient dynamics in healthcare innovation
  • Revolutionizing healthcare: the impact of new business models
  • Unlocking innovation: life science supply chain expertise in the age of big data and AI
  • Future-proof strategies: creating resilience through scenario planning
  • Pioneering last-mile delivery for the healthcare of tomorrow

Check the full programme and register here.

NAP members are granted a 25% discount on the registration fee (same as for Pharma.Aero members).

Discount code for registration: NAP2024