Parcel International with an experienced team and assisted by the newest technology offers new Brexit ready last mile solutions at high service and low costs

Where the trade is for Brexit volumes.

Web shops and freight forwarders in continents outside Europe (Asia, Middle East, Australia, America, Canada and South America) are currently shipping goods into the United Kingdom. Products are cleared in the UK with last mile delivery by courier into European countries: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Poland and the Netherlands.

With Brexit ahead, all these international parties are looking for new solutions to avoid additional costs as extra customs clearance handling will take place in the UK.  As a European player in the field of e-commerce, Parcel International can help you with your last mile delivery. We can transport your goods through Europe to the above-mentioned countries at high service and low costs. Because of the majority of the European population that are based in these countries, international parties are mainly interested in these countries.

We can take care of customs clearance and distribution from the airports in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Frankfurt Hahn, Luxembourg and Liège, and deliver your B2C E-commerce goods such as backpacks, lipstick, pens, gadgets and more to the end-consumer in Europe. If the products are already cleared by the party itself or externally, we can also offer a good solution for only EU distribution or returns in various countries. We offer postal, b2c and FBA clearance and including last-mile distribution.

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