Pacer Air Freight combines technology with customer service using OnAsset Intelligence for temperature and environmental details controlled product.

With a 30-year history in shipping, Pacer has used a variety of technologies to track assets. But given the stringent and evolving requirements for shipping, and the high value of shipments, it sought out a more robust solution.

Pacer wanted clear, reliable and detailed insights on more than the whereabouts of the shipments. It wanted to be able to monitor a shipment’s temperature, for perishable/consumable products, as well as light, tilt and shock for temperature controlled product.

Given the value of these shipments, and the potential theft, loss, or damage, customers considered deploying armed guards to accompany their products. This would have been costly and inefficient. Pacer was able to offer customers a better solution.

While there are a variety of tools that provide GPS monitoring, OnAsset is uniquely able to monitor a host of environmental details- including temperature, humidity, pressure, light, shot motion and tilt- and deliver accurate insights in its easy to tailor and view platform.

OnAsset is also approved for use by more airlines than any other monitoring technology provider which is key to getting Pacer to monitor medical shipments, including live organs, radiopharmaceuticals and other life-saving cancer treatments.

Pacer will be doubling its OnAsset monitoring equipment in the coming year, always striving to improve and add value for its customers.