Neutral Airfreight Consolidation Services in the heart of Europe

N.F.S Airfreight (Neutral Freight Service b.v.) is an independent Neutral Airfreight Wholesaler based at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), main gateway for Europe. NFS was founded on 2014, by Ronald Sierat, who has over 25 years’ experience in the Airfreight industry. First five years at an airline and 21 years as a wholesaler and always worked on behalf of the forwarding industry.

Mr Sierat, what makes N.F.S special in the European market, and what is your core business?

N.F.S. is offering their services exclusively to forwarding agents and act on behalf of freight forwarders worldwide, in order to maintain their identity. Our core-business is offering the forwarding industry consolidations into key markets (Australia and New Zealand etc. ) based on dedicated pre-allocations, BUP service, projects for out sized cargo and neutral handling facilities, both Import and Export.

N.F.S. also does offer a European trucking network, via Amsterdam, to connect with our global network. As a neutral wholesaler in the airfreight market and our strong partnership with number of major airlines, We are able to offer the airfreight industry a value-added product from European origins to any destination worldwide and vice versa.”

Mr. Sierat, you are a very young company but still very active and well known in the European market, How did you manage to grow that fast over the last two years in such a fragile environment?

“It is true we grew very fast and that was not an easy task, N.F.S. has moved more than 5000 tons exports in 2016 and has handled shipments on behalf of more than 300 freight forwarding clients in Europe. We have obtained all required licenses such as AEO (both Security as Customs) IATA , CASS and DGR. Our team is highly experienced in the airline and wholesale industry and trained to handle dangerous goods and operate time critical projects. I would say that the main factors of our growth are being 100 % neutral, honest with our clients, focus step by step on selected trade lanes, and our successful partnerships with our airlines and network partners.”

Are you also involved in Heavlift air cargo projects and charters?

“Yes, we are very much involved into this field. Through our very good relationships with the airlines, charter carriers, and fellow brokers, we operate full and part partners and empty legs on behalf of our clients including heavlift project handling. Recently we handled 6 Antonov aircraft’s with 2 pieces of 57 tons each per flight “

What are the company’s goals over the next 3 years ?

“We will work had to develop new products and services such as neutral air import scheduled consolidations ex Asia and North America to Europe , explore new export consolidation markets  and to grow our Airport 2 Door product . Most important is to to deliver the required added value service towards the airfreight industry by listening carefully our clients and strengthen our position as an independent European Airfreight Wholesaler. “

N.F.S is a founding member of NAP (Neutral Air Partner) Can you describe NAP in a few words ?

“A global platform of like-minded , neutral & independent , air cargo professionals“

What are the benefits of N.F.S being a member of the NAP organization?

“Neutral Air Partner gives N.F.S access to a platform of specialized air cargo partners, enabling us to delivering advanced and neutral global airfreight products and services to our customers, but also we assist the members worldwide with solutions on the European continent. Since last September where the network officially launched in Abu Dhabi, we have introduced new scheduled consolidation services to key destinations, as well A2D, Freight CC products to those hard to reach places. We have  access to innovative and tailor- made air cargo community tools that assist us to increase our proven added-value service in our market, and we are part of global volume incentive programs with major airlines”

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