Neutral Air Partner welcomes Coyne Airways as Vendor member

We are very pleased to announce that Coyne Airways, a leading cargo airline and charter carrier for emerging markets and those hard to reach destinations, has joined NAP organization as a vendor member.

Coyne Airways provides reliable and secure air cargo services to some of the world’s most difficult to reach destinations. Since its establishment in 1994, Coyne Airways has pioneered routes to the Caucasus, Central Asia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, all destinations it still serves today. In 2012, Coyne spread its wings to Africa, working in conjunction with regional partners. Coyne Airways also offers charter and part-charter services to destinations where it can add value for customers.

Coyne Airways prides itself on finding the best solutions for its customers and providing excellent service. Through its extensive interline network, Coyne is able to move cargo between virtually any global gateway and its network destinations on a single IATA air waybill. Coyne Airways is a neutral service provider with a proven track record for both the reliability and quality of its services and communications.