Neutral Air Partner supports Women in Air Cargo Logistics Pledge

The Women in Aviation & Logistics Pledge is a movement for change in the gender balance in the airfreight community. While women have had a regular place in the aviation sector, this has traditionally been as stewardesses rather than equality in other aspects of the industry. Now Change Horizon and Meantime Communications are calling on businesses, trade associations and individual professionals to sign the Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge to promote gender equality in the airfreight industry.“Although the debate on improving gender balance in air cargo has been going on for many years now, there are still too few women in decision-making roles, speaking at, or even attending, industry events,” said Céline Hourcade, Founder and Managing Director of Change Horizon.

There are clearly defined objectives which the Pledge programme addresses, namely:

  • Raising awareness of women air cargo professionals by celebrating and promoting their great achievements in the industry
  • Launching a public database of female speakers in aviation and logistics
  • Setting-up forums at global, local, or company levels to share best practices and actionable advice among industry peers
  • Establishing a knowledge centre with industry facts and figures to raise awareness on current gender gaps within air cargo, including the gender pay gap and other inequalities, and open public debates to challenge the status quo
  • Increasing gender balance in senior management and leadership roles
  • Pushing for progress in broader diversity and inclusion metrics across the industry

Neutral Air Partner strongly supports Change Horizon’s belief that visible gender equity is critical to provide opportunities for emerging leaders and increase the diversity of role models and voices that present at aviation & logistics events, contribute to industry working groups and join boards of associations and corporates.

NAP’s  goal is to contribute to the development of the “Women in Aviation & Logistics Pledge” initiative’s  free searchable database of women within the global aviation & logistics community, that will assist in identifying individuals to invite as:

  • Speakers, session chairs or panel members at conferences.
  • Presenters for seminars, workshops, and training.
  • Authors for invited manuscripts
  • Experts for industry working groups and task forces
  • Board members

Neutral Air Partner is especially happy and proud to have a proven record of promoting women air cargo logistics specialist as main speakers, panelists and contributors on all our conferences, events, webinars and task forces.

NAP commits to continue featuring more women experts to our events.

Sign the Women in Aviation & Logistics pledge today and submit your details here