Neutral Air Partner aims to revive specialisation and expertise in the air freight sector

A new air freight network has launched – one that includes companies across the supply chain, to boost expertise and buying power.

Neutral Air Partner is forming a group of specialists from all parties – except the end-user.

“We believe that since the word ‘logistics’ became trendy, the industry has lost its identity as far as specialisation and industry expertise is concerned,” CEO and founder Christos Spyrou told The Loadstar.

“We want to create a powerful grouping of leading and independent advanced air cargo specialists, each defined and selected by industry specialisation – airlines, tradelanes, commodity, etc.”

For $500 a year, the network’s SAFE scheme offers member financial protection, which includes bankruptcy or bad debt by other members.

Other network benefits include global volume incentive agreements with carriers and suppliers, global airline agreements and IT tools.

“We believe in technology and innovation and we have tailor-made cargo community tools exclusively for professionals,” added Mr Spyrou.

Airline partners so far include AirBridgeCargo and Etihad Cargo.

“We are not just a network facilitator, one of our prime objectives is to engage airlines, GSAs, express wholesalers, charter brokers and carriers to take an active role within our group,” head of aviation and airline cargo management Paul Woolley said.

Believing that most networks are not sufficiently specialised, Neutral aims to build “a deep air freight partnership”.

“Anyone who wants to expand their global reach within the transport industry today joins a logistics network, but often many of these are not as useful as they could be on account of their very general approach,” explained chairman Peter Whitfield. “In addition the member’s industry experience, business specialisation and financial situation is not always assessed either.”

Members are being hand-picked by the network, on an invitation-only basis.

The network will be present at Air Cargo China, and is launching its first members’ event in Abu Dhabi in September.