NAX is an international group of experts that advance the interests of the time sensitive industry and the e-commerce sector.

Neutral Air Partner – The premier global network of leading air cargo architects and aviation specialists is launching NAX, an international group of experts that advance the interests of the time sensitive industry and the e-commerce sector.

NAX is committed to providing the resources and education for first and last mile carriers to stay tuned with the industry trends and opportunities. Its membership will be comprised of first, middle and last mile delivery companies dedicated to providing domestic, trans border & international services, with no boundaries operating 24/7- 365 Days a year, and are geared to time definite movements whether it is an envelope, an aircraft engine, a special event or an e-Commerce project .

Industry sector services include Express & Courier, e-Commerce, Aerospace, Military, Ships and Marine logistics, Special Events, Energy, humanitarian Aid – NGOs, Medical Science Clinical trials LHO HUM as well the special handling of VAL and AVI.

NAX partners will consist of 3 types of companies: leading and independent express & courier service firms, time critical experts, as well as e-Commerce specialists, dedicated to providing neutral and innovative logistic solutions to the trade.

Richard Thornton Head of NAX Express & NAX 24/7

“NAX will provide you with a platform to engage with time critical & express professionals who share your passion for business excellence and offers you the network to compete globally. A membership in NAX will give you the tools you need to streamline your business and capitalize on high revenue growth.”

Rudee Bertie Head of NAX e-Commerce

“I am very excited about the prospects and many opportunities that NAX will present its membership. The world is changing, consumers habits are changing the way we shop. The landscape in freight forwarding and logistics is shaping the way that we do business today in this revolutionary age of e-commerce.

My main aim is to bring awareness to the wider forwarding community, to share some of my experiences when engaging with clientele encountering eCommerce propositions in logistics. I’d like to share with members on how they will be able to compete against the consolidators and still be competitive, price conscious and reliable. Members will have a great platform to win new business within a new market place with a fresh new audience. Members no longer need to be apprehensive and turn business away through lack of education or understanding. Rest assured, NAX will be there to guide and assist you through the journey. Opportunities come knocking only a few times within a life time. Be in that right place at that right time. Thanks to the vision and belief of our Chairman and CEO, Neutral Air Partner/ NAX, is now a reality. See you in Kuala Lumpur..”