NAX 24-7 daily cargo capacity and charter e-alert

NAP and its sub-industry group NAX 24-7 time critical have introduced a daily e-alert with cargo capacity availability for full – part charters and BSAs on scheduled freighters.

Following the increasing air freight demand and limited cargo capacity due to pax flight bans and commercial restrictions, NAP and NAX 24-7 time critical group introduce a daily e-alert with cargo capacity availability and information on offers and demand for full and part charters .

We are aiming to assist our members with uplift opportunities and various space options. We welcome you all to post any available capacity on a scheduled freighter or a full – part charter, as well as any special uplift requirement you may have.

A few weeks ago we launched a centralized 24-7 service desk, aiming to consolidate members’ time critical part or full charter requests or OBC operations where available, and to provide assistance and suitable uplift solutions through our regional and global strategic vendors, brokers and carriers.

For assistance please email [email protected]