Earlier this year at the beginning of the pandemic we introduced a daily e-alert with cargo capacity availability, and information on offers and demand for full and part charters, as well as BSAs on scheduled flights, with a very good response from our members and positive results . Our aim was to consolidate your time critical needs and to provide assistance and suitable uplift solutions through our members and our global strategic partners including brokers, master co-loaders, and carriers.

Following the increasing air freight demand and limited cargo capacity due the peak season, we are pleased to announce that we resume back this service providing a centralized 24-7 service desk for our members. Available capacity or space demand will be sent on a regular email alert as well as a promo to NAP portal and mobile app .

We are looking forward to assist our members with uplift opportunities and various space options. We welcome you all to inform us about your available BSA capacity on a scheduled flight or a full – part charter, as well as any special uplift requirement or space demand you may have.

For any assistance and more info please email [email protected]