NAP supports TIACA’s commitment to modernize the air cargo industry.

Ms Muriel Zographos , NAP’s Specialty products manager represented the SME air cargo forwarding community at the TIACA Executive Summit which was held at the Marriot Budapest. NAP shares TIACA’s vision, which includes synchronizing the industry partners, engaging members globally, expanding regionally, exchanging knowledge and guidance, optimizing processes, with key focus on sustainability and transformation.  NAP totally aligns with board chairman of the association Steven Polmans and Secretary General Vladimir Zubkov when they say: “Who can be better ambassadors for TIACA than the members themselves? This is our role if we want to reach our common goal, developing our industry” and  “one of association’s key objectives is to build and nurture partnerships at the global and regional level.

“ TIACA’s commitment to innovate the industry and to modernize the process of air cargo transportation is impressive. We are confident that working together with partners like these will drive direct value to our global customer base, and our members will acquire extensive knowledge and industry-leading expertise.” Says Christos Spyrou .

Five parallel workshops took place on Day 1 of ES2019. Members could choose from Airlines, Airports, Cargo Handling, Freight Forwarders, and Shippers. The feedback of the working sessions was addressed on Day 2, identifying improvement points and stating a long term more structured approach towards more partnerships and collaboration. Leading representatives from the whole supply chain, decision-makers from across the globe, keynote speakers, and panelists exchanged ideas about the need for well-defined roles and responsibilities, new talent, training, and specialization. Also were discussed modern practices such as e-Commerce and Drones followed by Animal transportation and Monitoring systems, all new initiatives to embrace innovation and change. TIACA’s new Sustainability Program was presented and incorporates the “3+2” pillars: Planet, People, Prosperity adding Partnership and Innovation. TIACA introduced the 1st Sustainability Awards to be presented during the Gala Dinner Hall of Fame and awards ceremonies. They invited companies and members to recognize them for addressing the challenges in environmental, social and economic fields.  Day 2 closed with a splendid Danube river cruise enjoying stunning views of the illuminated city. Day 3 consisted of topics about volatility in international trade, innovations like AI, the Internet of Logistics and Digitization that will define the future of the Air Cargo industry. The conference concluded with the official Grand Opening Ceremony of the new BUD Cargo City, the 50-million-euro world-class logistics base and cargo gateway of Central and Eastern Europe.

Representing the local and independent air cargo logistics firms , which do not have the opportunity to be around regulators and associations, NAP congratulates strategic partner TIACA for designing future actions and strategies to raise the standards of cargo service quality and expertise, and for aspiring to meet member’s needs and expectations. For more info email [email protected] or visit