Freight tenders of all kind are a part of our daily LSP life. Most of these tenders, however, take a lot of time and require additional resources, which sometimes leads to the fact that we do have to decline tenders, just for missing resources or we do not handle them with the appropriate attention.

Given the above, we as NAP are thinking about implementing a tool for all members that should allow you to handle your tenders with less manpower, in a shorter time and with the required high level of accuracy. This does not only apply for the pure tender process only, but also for the necessary evaluations you have to go along with a tender in terms of rates and services.

In order to test, either within this or next week, we would wish to run a test tender with some of you, in order to evaluate if the solution that we sourced would be suitable or not.

The tender data is actually based on a real past tender but of course no longer on the market, in fact, a few years old. For those who will get an invitation (it may not hit all of you), we would appreciate you just fill in some rates and answer the questions posed. The rates and answers can be fake, we are not looking at the values at all, we simply look at the functionality of the tool.

Before ending the evaluation, we will ask all participants for their feedback, so that at a final end we do have a clear picture whether to implement this tool in a present way or not.

We are looking forward to your great cooperation. Please note, if someone does not wish to participate, please simply let us know, to make sure we will not contact you.

In case you should have questions about the above, please feel free to contact Juergen under [email protected].