NAP New Vendor Alert : Bridges Worldwide PLC

Bridges Worldwide PLC

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Bridges Worldwide PLC, aiming to provide our members with a platform of neutral linehaul solutions & BSAs on scheduled freighter services and commercial airlines, for express and time-critical freight movements.
Bridges Worldwide PLC is a leading provider of neutral network solutions to the international logistics, courier, and express industry

Formed by Guy Bridges in 1989 we remain independent and flexible to changing Customer requirements on a global basis.

Bridges has a vastly experienced Management team from the Express and Airline industry. We provide ‘Network Solutions’ to the Logistics, Forwarding, Express and courier industries using both Scheduled Commercial Airlines and Regional Freighters operations.

Co-load solutions represents the most cost effective, and environmentally friendly means to develop the customers network, and improve service standards.

Today the Bridges group operate approx. 1000 flights per week of which 75% is on commercial airline, and 25% on regional freighter networks. In addition, Bridges move approx. of 500 tons per week which is split evenly between the commercial airline and regional freighter networks.