NAP New Member Alert : Woodland Group

Established in 1988 in the UK, Woodland Group expanded to the US in 1991, with its headquarters in New York. With over 100 team members across six US locations and a global staff of 750+, the company excels in independent supply chain services. Operating strategically in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, and Los Angeles, Woodland Group USA offers warehousing, customs brokerage, and sustainable transport solutions. Specialising in trans-Atlantic services, short- and long-term warehousing, and flexible global transport, the company has facilitated the growth of importers and exporters. Woodland Group’s presence extends to 13 locations in the UK and Ireland. Noteworthy accreditations include IATA, FMC, TSA, CTPAT, NCBFAA, and Ecovadis Gold in the USA, complemented by AEO, ISO14001, IATA, ACE, BRCGS, BIFA, and IIFA in the UK and Ireland.

With 30+ years of industry experience, Woodland Group combines expertise and innovation in agile and digitally optimised supply chain solutions. The dedicated Woodlanders craft flexible and bespoke-built supply chains, shaping the future of logistics. Rooted in trans-Atlantic proficiency and customer-centric solutions, Woodland Group expands globally through collaborations, offering regular consolidation services. As a leading IATA freight agent, the company ensures peace of mind and guaranteed capacity with high-priority relationships with airline partners. Recognised as an approved TSA CCSF operator, Woodland Group’s UK facilities offer screening capabilities, supported by partnerships with K-9 teams, operating seven days a week with cutting-edge technology, reinforcing the commitment to secure and efficient operations. Trusted for its purposeful approach, Woodland Group future-proofs businesses, delivering growth globally.