NAP New Member Alert : W.F. Integral Pvt Ltd.

W.F. Integral Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2013, with a head office in Lahore and branch offices in Karachi and Islamabad. The company has 15 highly experienced professional staff, and they follow transportation rules strictly and abide by regulations set by airports and seaports. They are IATA and FIATA-certified.

Their customers and associates refer to them as a “people-driven supply chain.”

W.F. Integral provides comprehensive supply chain solutions and full-spectrum logistics to current and potential customers. Our company has close business relations with international carriers (EK/TK/BA/EY/VS/ES/QR), shipping lines, and road feeder networks, allowing their customers to enjoy competitive rates and superior services.

Special Products – Intermodal Transportation

Transit air cargo that is destined for Afghanistan and the CIS States and arrives at Islamabad Airport is facilitated by WF Integral by being transported by land as bonded cargo. The company will handle the complete process of international transportation documentation and truck requirements. The trucks will be taken to the bonded facility closest to the consignee.

Verticals – Machine Industry

WF sources from different suppliers and manage the entire procurement process, including the documentation. Following the completion of all local formalities, shipments are then delivered to Pakistan using the company’s logistic services (customs, etc. )

Commodities Specialisation—DGR/CAO

WF has the expertise to move dangerous cargo from Europe to Pakistan via the UAE. WF Integral arranges dedicated cargo charters to transport goods to Pakistan after arriving in the UAE.