NAP New Member Alert : TCS Worldwide

TCS is an independent neutral time-critical and OBC solutions Dutch company based at Schiphol Airport.

As a neutral provider, TCS offers exclusively time-critical solutions to freight forwarders as they already have a large and established customer base in industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Aviation, Energy, Health Care, Pharma and Maritime.

Having worked in the international aviation and cargo industry for more than 50 years in total, the TCS team not only knows the requirements of freight forwarders and their customers very well, but also has in-depth knowledge of how airlines and local customs authorities operate (guidelines, restrictions and regulations).
TCS primarily offers a worldwide On Board Courier network, from any pick-up location to any address in the world. In principle TCS accepts carry-on, checked-in and excess baggage, DGR and temperature controlled as per airline guidelines.

TCS provides small (cargo) charters in case the shipment is f.e. too large/heavy to carry as passenger luggage or due to other airline restrictions. Intra Europe the company can also offer tailormade road transport with vans or small trucks.

Any OBC request will be quoted in 15 to max 30 minutes, as there is always one highly qualified On Board Courier on stand-by, at any given time. Just a few minutes after confirmation the courier is already on the way to the pick-up address.

TCS goal involves more than just delivering a time-critical consignment; it means above all taking care of their customer.