NAP New Member Alert : Integral Chile S.A.

Integral Chile is a Chilean-owned Freight Forwarder founded in 1992 and currently headquartered in Santiago. They provide an innovative approach to logistics and transport engineering, led by a group of 25 highly qualified and experienced professionals. The company is IATA/CASS/ISO9001/DGAC certified and a member of the Chilean Commerce Chamber and TIACA. They provide the best possible solution by air, sea, and/or ground, and they are proficient in handling general cargo, project cargo, pharma, and time-critical cargo, such as AoG, Show Business, or samples to laboratories. In addition, they have their own Domestic Cargo Division, with daily consols by Air and Ground between all main cities in Chile, so with their own infrastructure, they have cost-effective alternatives for any operation.

In the Time-Critical area, they work with one of the two largest airlines in Chile, delivering or returning aircraft engines, APUs, or other spare parts needed to keep the fleet flying. In the Show business, they specialize in concerts (with important rock and pop music bands), massive events, and fairs, from one stand to a larger part of the event or fair. Regarding the samples to laboratories, they manage a lot of cargo within Chile every day (being water, mineral, or bio samples) from many different sites to labs and inside the time window before samples perish. They also deliver to laboratories in many other countries, usually in a door-to-door manner.

Since they have a very good array of trusted suppliers, they can manage different kinds of ground transportation (from just a document to oversize cargo), and they also have excellent relations with all Airlines, so they can deliver cargo to any destination and quickly solve any possible issue.