NAP New Member Alert : Facilities Shipping Agency (Pvt) Ltd

Facilities Shipping Agency Pvt. Ltd. (FSA), founded in 1995, has branches in all major cities of Pakistan to fulfill the requirement of its partners to move shipment from all locations of Pakistan to around the globe. They currently have 250 staff members located in Karachi, Lahore, Siakot, and Faisalabad.Having all offices with dedicated sales and operation teams in all branches made them worthy of indulge in FCL and AIR import and export business.

Currently, they are dealing in all industrial and commercial commodities from and to Pakistan. They have trained staff for dealing DG and Perishable cargo along with their packing. Being an IATA member means having a good volume of air exports from Pakistan to all around the globe. By providing a good volume of air export, they are privileged clients of renown carriers and have space during peak times as well. As they have an individual sales team in each branch, they are receiving reverse nominations from our global agents and handling them around the clock to meet the lead time. They are giving 3PL, therefore, transportation, customs brokerage, and all other services they can provide to all worldwide partners.