NAP New Member Alert : Aircon Air Freight, Inc.

Aircon was founded as a digital neutral airfreight consolidator to allow freight forwarders of all sizes to have access to consolidation options worldwide, creating operating efficiencies, improving margins, and giving them and their customers, the shippers and consignees, a competitive edge. Aircon is the industry’s first digital platform that enables consolidation across the entire air freight market. Moreover, Aircon optimizes the entire air freight booking, monitoring, and cost-cutting process.

Aircon is IATA certified and employs 10 staff, currently focusing on US outbound to Europe, UK, South Africa, and India. The Aircon system unlocks the benefits of consolidation for their customers by operating a physical gateway network of drop stations, truck networks, and consolidation warehouses in key cities. Its technology optimizes routes and consolidation efforts using proprietary software. The Aircon algorithms route and pool shipments that combine dense and voluminous cargo to achieve the best consolidation mix available while passing the “”net effect”” of savings back to the freight forwarder.