NAP New Member Alert : ACB Logistics

ACB Logistics is a one-stop shop for all your Logistics and Freight Forwarding needs. Since 1983, the company has prided itself on providing the highest level of Air Freight services in the industry with its branch offices in Lahore and Islamabad.

The core product of ACB Logistics is air freight, both in import and export. The company is CASS certified, China and Far East being the major air freight import markets in the country, while Europe and USA are the air freight export markets from Pakistan.They work with EY, EK, QR, SV.

ACB Logistics has their own branch offices in Lahore and Sialkot with 15 skilled staff members with decades of trade experience. Their traditional commodities are textiles (home and fashion garments), rice, spices, minerals, and perishables regardless of seasonal restrictions.

ACB Logistics will always consider the fastest, safest, and cheapest way to move your freight. Aiming to expand its business growth through dedicated Air Freight customer support and follow-up, ACB Logistics’ goal is to create “win-win” partnerships by simplifying the logistics process for our customers, thus creating a single-party supply chain. They maintain business partnerships through the continual pursuit of excellence and an ethic that is carried by all of the staff. Excellence in service, staff, products, and a continual commitment to cost control all help provide and develop global logistics solutions for ACB Logistics’ valued customers.

The ICG—Immediate Clearance Group—was initially established at Karachi Air Port and later on at Lahore as a result of the efforts of ACB Directors and by securing the then Prime Minister’s support. This has facilitated cargo clearance, as previously even perishable and diplomatic cargo needed several days to get cleared; now the clearance is effected within 2-4 hours of flight arrival.