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Mantovani Navigation

Mantovani Navigation is one of the oldest logistic operators in Cyprus. Originating from a port agency and project finance operations, the company has expanded into air freight, 3PL, and warehousing. The company has branches in all major cities of Cyprus, including Larnaca airport. Mantovani Navigation is AEO and BIMCO certified. With a staff of 15 people divided between Limassol and Larnaca, Mantovani has daily auto routes FTL and LTL from Larnaca airport to all major cities.

Our Company specializes in all kinds of airfreight. With a fleet of different size trucks, we offer from courier to project air cargo delivery. Some of the projects we have taken part are factory dismantling and airfreight to China, air charter for shopping mall equipment, and onboard vessel delivery.

Mantovani Navigation offers 24h service for shipping parts delivery across all major Cyprus ports.