NAP Legal & Compliance Support Services | Welcome Cécile Bailleul

In the current business environment, it is becoming essential for every company, irrespective of their size, primary place of business or scope of operation, to have in place a well-structured legal framework. Without such a legal framework, you company may be at risk.

Neutral Air Partner pays utmost attention in regulatory compliance, and we are excited to introduce our new legal and compliance support desk for our members headed by Cécile Bailleul .

Cécile is a French, experienced shipping and transportation lawyer. Throughout her international carrier has specialized in providing legal advice to numerous freight forwarders and carriers, and has also worked in the Insurance industry. She is now successfully working as a consultant for NAP and its members, in a variety of air cargo transportation matters.

The new legal team of NAP is here to assist you minimize this risk through:

  • Diligent claims management and dispute resolution, from first notification until a satisfactory settlement can be reached to avoid unnecessary escalation of liability.
  • Drafting of contracts, internal policies, standard terms and conditions, in a manner that protects your interests.
  • Guidance regarding compliance with law and regulations that may affect you.
  • Finding and negotiating insurance covers that suit your needs, and identifying what these needs may be.
  • Provide advice relating to international maritime, road and air cargo transportation law.