NAP goes to WOF Expo

2021 is the first year of the international B2B EXPO in Bratislava, Slovakia, taking place at Incheba EXPO from 6 to 8 of October 2021.

Central & Eastern Europe, a very dynamic region, now has an innovative event in the field of logistics, e-commerce and the entire supply chain, inspired by similar events abroad, seeking and presenting opportunities for the entire “New Europe” region.

WOF had an interesting talk with Christos Spyrou, about the Digitalization of the air cargo logistics industry, the emerging markets and Africa and predictions about the future of air cargo in the post-covid era. NAP CEO will also be part of WOF panel discussion called “Air Freight Market in the post covid era | Challenges & Opportunities”

Read what Christos had to say to WOF  here