NAP Global Airline Partner Programme – Post Webinar Summary

I would like to thank those of you who attended NAP Global Airline Partner Program Webinar presented by Mr. Sam Okpro,  Head of Airline Relationships.

SME Forwarders and consolidators represent over 45 % of the global airfreight volumes, and our network is comprised by leading and independent air cargo specialists worldwide. One of our main objectives as an organization has always been to drive buying power across the air cargo supply chain, and we are now feeling ready to implement our NAP Global Airline Partner program as part of our post-COVID-19 plans.

The program includes various partnership options from preferred global carrier and global/key account status for NAP members, marketing, PR & communications collaboration, global or regional BSA/CPA agreements, charter and special cargoes support, as well as target deals and volume incentives on a regional or global scale .

Your questions and recommendations during and after the webinar were valuable, and will help NAP to play a significant role in understanding the needs, and to enable NAP partners to enhance their airfreight products on a global scale, and carriers to benefit from our global support, tonnage commitment, and flexible aproach towards the challenges of the new normal.

We are already discussing with selected carriers in each region, and we are planning to approach others to further strengthen our strategic airline network .

We are pleased to share below the presentation of our global airline partner programme and the recorded video and the presentation, please follow the links below

Please feel free to contribute into the programme and let us know if you have any target partner airline recommendations as discussed during the webinar, or any PIC at an airline global level or any other suggestions.

We look forward to hear from you and please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned or Sam Okpro at [email protected] for any information you might require .