NAP Global Airline Partner Program – OCT 21, 14:00 CET – Join the 1st “NAP on Air” Webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused considerable damage to various industries worldwide.

The global supply chain has been seriously disrupted due to airfreight capacity shortage arising from international lockdowns and passenger flights suspensions. As a result, forwarders and consolidators have been prompted to repurpose their entire supply chain products and services, while airlines have been required to effectively plan their capacity, and diversify their global customer base by including smaller but powerful cargo agents into the game.

The Airline Industry has been struggling with a full reopening and getting passenger aircraft back in the air, given the current challenges. Air cargo has been playing a vital role in contributing to the operating financial targets of flights in the air, and the need to start preparing for the post COVID-19 period is imperative. The survival of the Air Cargo industry depends on the successful resurrection of passenger aircrafts parked in various locations around the world back in traffic, as essentially 80% of international cargo is carried in the belly of passenger flights. Our NAP Partners can play a significant contributing role assisting Airlines to fill this passenger aircraft belly capacity.

Neutral Air Partner’s collaboration with participating airlines will enable NAP partners to enhance their airfreight products on a global scale, and carriers to benefit from our global support, tonnage commitment, and flexible aproach towards the challenges of the new normal. We are already discussing with selected carriers in each region, and we are planning to approach others to further strengthen our strategic airline network .

On those grounds, NAP has recently launched its Global Airline Partner Program, headed by Sam Okpro who most of you know. Sam comes with an extensive experience in the air cargo logistics and aviation sector, having held senior management roles in leading airlines and associations, including Air Canada, BWIA, Gulf Air, Etihad Airways, Air Seychelles and IATA .

We are now seeking to implement our Global Airline Partner program as part of our post-COVID-19 plans. The program includes various partnership options from preferred carrier status, marketing, PR & communications collaboration, global or regional BSA/CPA agreements, charter agreements, as well as targets and volume incentives on a regional or global scale .

Within a framework of a series of “NAP on Air” webinars with a range of topics from network updates, insights, tips and advice on current air cargo logistics challenges and opportunities, technology adoption, to getting ready for what’s next, we are delighted to invite you in joining the NAP Global Airline Partner Program Webinar OCT 21, 14:00 CET open exclusively to our members.


  • Global Airline Partnership Program Overview
  • NAP Program Partnership Options
  • Todays’ Market Realities
  • POST  COVID-19 Global Economy Recovery Predictions
  • Why Now ? Why NAP ? – Benefits for the carriers
  • Target Airlines
  • Global agreements, BSA/CPAs, and Volume Incentives Examples.
  • Benefits for NAP members
  • NAP member’s contribution to the programme.
  • Q+A Session

NAP Global Airline Partner Program Webinar OCT 21, 14:00 CET

We are looking forward to a good interactive and enriching session. In case of any question, you can reach out to Muriel Zographos