Hashmove Digital Platform for Freight Forwarders – NAP on Air Webinar Series #2

While it might seem challenging to anchor your freight business in the oncoming wave of digital disruption, set to international freight forwarders and consolidators, digitalization is improving the overall customer experience while eliminating entrenched operational inefficiencies.

NAP partners are now been given the wonderful opportunity to converge their business to the next level of digitalization and expand their target customers worldwide: HashMove digital platform for international freight logistics providers is especially designed to cater day-to-day operations without incurring any costs to the business, in this tough time.

HashMove’s Digital Logistics Platform provides the perfect solution for NAP freight forwarders. Freight businesses can benefit from the higher business exposure and enhanced customer interaction. The platform provides members with immediate digital presence and capability that translates to elevated revenue and cost savings.

Amongst the many benefits of HashMove Digital Platform for Freight Forwarders is the increased business opportunities & exposure, reduced cost of sales, improved operational efficiencies, ability to upsell value-added services, and actionable data for better customer service.


  • Introduction to HashMove Digital Platform
  • Live Demo of Platform
  • Comprehensive Rates Management
  • Secure Rates Management for client
  • Spot Rates Management with client
  • Deal Management for specific client
  • Benefits to the Freight Forwarders
  • IoT based tracking solution as Value Add
  • Integrations & Analytics
  • How to Sign Up
  • Q&A


The webinar will be presented by Mr. Sarfaraz Alam, Co-Founder & CEO of HashMove.

NAP Digital Platform for Freight Forwarders OCT 29, 14:00 CET

We are looking forward to a good interactive and enriching session.
In case of any question, you can reach out to Muriel Zographos