M+R India is leading the
pharma industry logistics

M+R Logistics India (M+R Spedag group) reports a substantial growth on its pharma and cold chain logistics division.

“Pharmaceuticals being time and temperature sensitive cargo, require special attention and expert handling. We have a team of 21 GDP trained professionals who have been handling this vertical in both sea and air mode, efficiently across 19 branches in India.

 We are handing General pharma, UN Aid, US Aid etc in both active and passive mode, frequently. Major destinations we cover are Africa, USA, Europe and Russia. We efficiently handle the additional requirements like Data logger, Thermal Blankets, Dry Ice, Reefer pick up etc. Our In-house custom broking team is well experienced in handling these specialised goods. We can handle domestic pickups in both normal and refer mode and arrange worldwide air and sea transportation & storage without any incursions. We can tailor our solutions to help you achieve operational excellence along with optimised cost on 24 x 7 basis.” Said Vijay Nadar, National Head of Airfreight for M+R.