Masterpiece International Announces Reorganization

Masterpiece International has announced a strategic reorganization to enhance its service delivery for customers and partners. The company will be splitting its operations into two specialized business teams.

Effective from May 6th, all global forwarding services will be managed under a newly established entity, Imperative Logistics. This division will handle all existing customs brokerage and global logistics services currently provided by Masterpiece International.

Meanwhile, Masterpiece International will continue to focus on its fine arts and entertainment clients, ensuring dedicated expertise in these areas.

The company is committed to maintaining clear and prompt communication throughout this transition.

Imperative Logistics: A Leader in Global Forwarding Solutions

Imperative Logistics is renowned for its expertise in providing comprehensive global forwarding solutions, specializing in the technology, healthcare, energy, aerospace, and chemical sectors. The company’s dedicated team excels in delivering exceptional customer service, optimizing supply chains with flexible and shortened transit times, and ensuring efficient operations.

Imperative Logistics operates on a global scale, transforming complex logistical challenges into manageable solutions. This capability allows their clients to maintain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

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