Master loader Sinotech logistics’ director overseas Vincent Zhang on WebCargo


Vincent Zhang
Director, Overseas Department

Sinotech is an important master loader for Chinese air cargo, can you share a little background?

Sinotech is a Chinese international freight forwarder, focused on air freight and courier service for the past 24 years. With more than 800 employees, we’re headquartered in Shenzhen and have 21 branches throughout China. On the air cargo side, we leverage direct contracts with more than 45 airlines including major Chinese carriers like China Southern, Air China, and China Eastern, and international airlines like Emirates, Etihad, and Cargolux.

What motivated Sinotech to offer eBookings of its services to freight forwarders via the WebCargo platform?

For us, being on WebCargo means better brand awareness, more business, and better efficiency.The platform’s reach will increase awareness of Sinotech as a worldwide brand, including extending our reach to a more international audience across European and American markets.

WebCargo’s platform also helps us promote our wide range of air cargo products directly to our customers and to new customers quickly, easily and efficiently. This in turn will help to increase our customer base, increase sales, and build a relationship between Sinotech and our direct customers. In this case, direct payment through WebCargo is an edge that will help us work more efficiently.

Finally, eBooking saves our sales teams significant time and effort, and allows us to increase our reach without needing to build new teams.

What has been the impact of offering services through WebCargo so far?

It has really helped us to reduce a lot of work we would typically have to do by email. By bringing both supply and demand together on one platform, WebCargo is saving us time, increasing efficiency and really will be a benefit to the industry overall. So it is really helping us a lot.