Kenya Airports Authority to Host TIACA Event – Africa

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) announced that Kenya Airports will host the “TIACA Event – Africa”. The event will be held June 19-21, 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya.

TIACA is very pleased to work with Kenya Airports Authority to organize a first-class event, which will bring together members, partners and those that want to do business or those that are already doing business in Africa. The aim of this event is to bring the air cargo community together to identify and discuss specific issues that affect the industry at the regional level.“We are excited to organize the TIACA Event – Africa in Nairobi. The support we will receive from Kenya Airports Authority as host will be invaluable to the attendees, the association and the industry.” Steven Polmans, TIACA ChairKenya Airports Authority will welcome international delegates along with their local air cargo community to Emara Hotel Ole Sereni, June 19th for an evening of networking at the Welcome Reception. The next two days, TIACA will organize a conference program that will be focused on all of Africa and will include keynote addresses, panel sessions and presentations that will cover topical issues that affect air cargo operations into, out of and within Africa.“We are honored to host the first “TIACA Event” in Africa, a testament to our commitment to developing and enhancing the air cargo industry on the continent.” KAA MD Alex Gitari said “At Kenya Airports Authority, we recognize the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in driving innovation and growth in the air cargo industry. This TIACA event will provide a valuable platform for industry stakeholders to come together and address the challenges and opportunities facing the sector in Africa and around the globe.” Gitari added.“We are excited about bringing this event for the first time ever to Kenya. The key to this event is it is a global event focused on regional issues, so those that are doing business or want to do business can see the big picture that is needed to expand their horizons within Africa. We are grateful for the support received from Kenya Airports Authority and our other sponsors that allow us to bring important events like this to the industry.” Glyn Hughes, Director General, TIACA.Click here to learn more.