ITL CORP The premier GSA and integrated logistics company in Vietnam

“From its Headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, ITL Corp is one of the largest logistics and supply chain companies in Vietnam as well as featuring in VNR’s TOP 50 Best companies and TOP 500 Biggest companies in Vietnam for the 12th consecutive year”.

What is the main objective for your next phase?

“Our company’s goal over the next 5 years is to become The National Champion in the Logistics industry in Vietnam & in Indochina. We are already ranked top Airline GSA & IATA cargo agent, as well as top BSA neutral master loader, import consolidator and vertical specialist. We are also the leading Vietnamese 3 PL Company in 2014 by Vietnam Logistics Association”.

How is the changing geopolitical situation affecting your business?

“With the US-China trade war set to accelerate, we see the growth both from a trade perspective as well as with domestic consumption. Hanoi, where electronics exports dominate, enjoyed a 52% share of the traffic; whereas in the south, Ho Chi Minh City caters for mostly garments and footwear with a 47% share. The main trade lanes are with North Asia (30% market share), the EU (25%) and the US (28%) but with manufacturing shifting from China. Our 2018 tonnage was 7,792,310. We definitely predict a much faster acceleration of this trend, which will certainly increase our airfreight traffic”.

Alexander, new systems and technology are playing an increasing role in airfreight. What innovations are you making?

“An increasing adoption of modern technology has become a vital and integral part of ITL life, not only just facilitating business goals but also driving change across the organization entirety. At ITL, technology goes beyond managing shipments and understanding data. We also use technology to train, develop and evaluate staff.”

As a valued member of the Neutral Air Partners Network, how do you see this enhancing your business scope?

“Well, we are not in any way complacent and realize that there are always more and greater targets to be achieved. One of our avenues for development is our association with the Neutral Air Partners network which is a very important tool which helps us to approach many professional air cargo partners all over the world. It’s unique platform to exchange ideas, market views and solutions for developing the air cargo industry. NAP brings us a range of benefits including financial protection and credit alert tools, volume incentive program with carriers, global reach of leading air cargo experts selected by vertical, industry, trade lane, and airline expertise, advanced charter solutions plus training courses and workshops.

“We are very satisfied working with all high-class NAP partners. We often co-operate together, share market demands and seek for new business development opportunities. PARTNERSHIP INCREASES OUR STRENGTH”.

Our services include:

  • Aviation
  • Integrated Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Freight Management
  • Customs and Distribution services in Indochina.
  • ITL is also a leader in international and domestic eCommerce and express logistics solutions in Vietnam.






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ITL is the largest provider of cargo aviation and GSA services in Vietnam and the leader in airfreight market outbound capacity.
In addition, ITL operates more than 150,000 m2 of international standard warehousing space across North, South and Central Vietnam in addition to one of largest owned fleets of prime movers and distribution trucks.
The company operates three main transport hubs nationwide, with cross border connectivity across Indochina. ITL is also the owner and operator of the Yen Vien rail terminal in Hanoi city, connecting Vietnam domestically and internationally with China.

ITL also owns and operates multiple brands in Vietnam including Speedlink, a leading eCommerce logistics company and DASH logistics a dedicated LTL nationwide distribution service provider amongst several leading internationally recognized JV partners.
At present ITL’s 1,800+ employees manage andoperate more than 70 branch offices and distribution centers in Vietnam along with offices in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. The company also owns and operates multiple brands in Vietnam including,Speedlink, a leading e -Commerce logistics company and DASH logistics, a dedicated LTL nationwide distribution service provider amongst several leading internationally recognized JV partners.




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This week Michael Sales from World Cargo Vision team discussed the logistics market in Vietnam with Mr. Alexander Olsen, Commercial Director of ITL Corporation