Globelink China Logistics Ltd – Building the complete supply chain solution

China is currently in the world news, as global diplomatic tensions continue, not the least being the tariff conflict with the USA. However, Chinese companies continue to trade successfully interna-tionally and the work of the supporting logistics providers is as vital as ever. One outstanding award -winning company, Globelink China logistics Ltd is expanding its international business. Based in Shanghai with 20 offices employing around 1000 staff worldwide, the company has ambitions to develop its profile into a total supply chain operation.

You have already established a very strong presence in your market, please tell us about your structure and philosophy.

We have, since we launched the company in 1998, developed several independent subsidiaries, based throughout China, which together provide a comprehensive and wide range of services for the international air cargo community and relevant parts. These are:

Freight forwarding business, we are well known as one of the leading airfreight master loaders in China and is also airline BSA agent for China Southern, Air Bridge, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, Turkish airlines. American Airlines, Air Portugal, Aero Union. Copa Airlines, Czech Airlines, Avianca Airlines.

GSSA business, we are an aviation specialist and cargo GSA for TAP cargo Portugal, Copa Airlines, Aero Union Mexico, Czech Airlines, Avianca Airlines, Trans Caribbean,Azul Cargo,Aerolineas Argentinas S.A. and Air Europa, providing a full range of GSA services in China and expanding the coverage to Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

E-commerce cross border logistics, we provide E-commerce Cross border logistics service to Europe, Latin America, Russia, Indonesia, Israel and many more.

Insurance Broker service. We are dedicated to professional risk management and insurance solutions services for shipping, logistics, and international trade.Cooperating with the domestic and international leading insurance companies, innovating insurance products, provides online & offline cargo insurance, Gift card Guarantee Insurance, Non-Truck Operating Common Carrier Liability Insurance, performance bond insurance, project insurance,employer’s liability insurance, employee’s benefits insurance, travel insurance etc.

Besides, we also work as shipping agency,operating container yard and Cargo freight stations. We are one of the famous brand shipping agencies in China, sharing strong partnership and collaboration with the World Top 20 Shipping Lines.

Would you share with us your revenue and tonnage for the freight forwarding business and would you mention any outstanding projects which you have recently carried out?

Our total business in 2018 produced a revenue of nearly $400 million and we handled some 81,500 tonnes airfreight. Airfreight represents a substantial part of our overall business. In that year we carried out a project to move 500 tonnes of Float glass to Mexico by air within two months. As you probably know, this commodity of large sheets of glass is not easy to handle. This was a real test of our team’s skill as the glass is extremely fragile and delicate to handle. The product is widely used in the building industry and automobile construction as well as many other environments and industries. We chose the right transport options and were able to deliver shipments on time with zero faults. This was a real challenge and proof of our flexible approach to the business.

What are your plans and strategies for the next phase?

Over the next five years our target is to develop into a total supply chain management online company.That is to say, we are committed to being a smart supply chain service provider, organically uniting business flow, capital flow, logistics, insurance and information flow in an ecological system . This will develop gradually as a highly intensive technology and data -basedprovider, offering a total solution to serve the industry in the society. We are already well on the way to becoming an Internet based logistics group, making the whole logistics process easy, efficient and value added.

Describe your relationship with NAP.

It is our honour to be a member of Neutral Air Partners whose members and organization cover our main business scope for airfreight, GSSA and e-commerce logistics. We have found that the members in this network are reliable and we treasure the relationships to develop business together.

We joined NAP in 2017 and to our delight we were awarded, at the annual meeting in Mykonos 2019, the best performing partner in Asia-Pacific for which we were extremely grateful. I regard this network as offering three main benefits.

Firstly, the focus is on airfreight and the professional promotion of this worldwide.
Secondly all the members are carefully selected and extremely high quality in their service.
Thirdly, I am very happy that NAP has payment protection, good Internet and media platform to support its members.

Awards and qualifications

  • AAAA Qualification Enterprise
  • CATA Certificate,IATA certificate
  • CIFA member,
  • FIATA member,NVOCC
  • Best Shipping Agent And Non-Vessel Carrier’s Golden Wheel Award In The Chinese Freight Industry
  • Top 100 International Freight Forwarders in China
  • Outstanding Logistics Companies by China Freight Forwarder Association
  • Top 10 Privately-owned International Freight Forwarder in China
  • Award of Advanced Logistics Company for Countrywide
  • Top 100 Logistics Brand Value in China
  • Top Ten Enterprises In China for Field and Customer services in the Freight Industry
  • Cross-Border E-Commerce Logistics Innovation Award
  • Cross-Border E-Commerce Award for Best Logistics In China
solomon cai

This week Michael Sales from World Cargo Vision team interviews Solomon Cai, founder and president of Global Link logistics.